Swing fragile porcelain figurines through horrid nightmares…without breaking.

Awake little Georgina from her evil clown dream, weaved of her worst fears. Help the drunken pirate Jack Parrot to vanquish the horrible sea monster Kraken. Save Father Lugosi from Count Draculas bloodthirsty fangs. Rest in Pieces includes many souls to save, and several frightening nightmares to wake up from.

Sweet dreams…
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TouchArcade (Game of the Week)
I loved the look of Itatake’s Rest in Pieces from the moment I laid eyes on the first screen shots.

USA Today
This is one game to play with headphones on and with the lights off.

A distinctively flavoured horror-runner marked out by an intriguing swing mechanic.

Seven days to play (Podcast)
Listen now, it is 30 minutes of pure entertainment

The visuals are haunting, yet beautiful, while the soundtrack is eerie and may have you peeing in your pants a little.

Rest in Pieces is a Smashingly Scary Casual Horror Game

Jeux Video Mobile (France)
Rest in Pieces est donc un excellent jeu d’adresse que nous vous conseillons de télécharger.

It’s eerie and macabre, but incredibly addictive and well-polished.

Free Apps For Me
The visual and general atmosphere only adds to its appealing curiosity.

Rest in Pieces is a strategy game with impressive graphics and sound effects that lets you rock and rescue souls trapped in scary nightmares.