Kloot Arena

Now available in App Store and Google Play!

Kloot Arena is a turn-based PvP battle game with short battles, and it is highly competitive. Players can challenge their friends or compete against other online players in ranked battles to earn rewards and climb the leagues to battle their way to the top. With easy-to-use controls, amazing sound, and stunning graphics make Kloot Arena a truly immersive gaming experience. And with continuous updates, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

Becoming a Kloot Master

Night after night, a young human sneaks into the deserted amphitheater-like arena, its towering pillars echoing with the remnants of past battles. Relentlessly striving to harness energy from the universe itself in an attempt to create powerful Energy Cores, just like the legendary Kloot Masters.

Little did the youngling know that these solo training sessions caught the attention of Kaitoo, an elderly Master. Kaitoo sensed the immense potential within this young one and sought out the human, meeting in the abandoned arena under the lights of the ever-burning cressets. Kaitoo makes the bold decision to guide this young human along an extraordinary and seemingly impossible path of becoming a Kloot Master, a feat unheard of for a mere human.

Energy cores, fused with mighty Battle Masks, were once formidable instruments of war, their reverberations echoing across the uncharted corners of the galaxy. However, they have been universally banned as weapons since the great Tunkar War long ago and have now instead become the focal point of the grandest spectacle and sport within the galaxy – KLOOT.

Crafted as living embodiments of advanced AI, the Battle Masks possess the remarkable ability to shape and harness the energy within the Cores, transforming them into powerful weapons. Armed with a Kloot relic, the wielder can tap into the very essence of this fusion, forging an unbreakable bond with the sacred masks. Spread throughout the galaxy, ancient and undiscovered masks still lie waiting, each carrying unique abilities, its own tales and secrets from ages long past.

Scattered across the galaxy, Kloot Arenas serve as the majestic stage for epic battles between legendary Kloot Masters and their mighty Battle Masks.

To share the grandeur of the Kloot Battles throughout the galaxy, a symphony of drone cameras dances amidst the cosmic tapestry, capturing every breathtaking moment. These electrifying clashes, too intense for mere mortals to witness up close, are transmitted across the galaxy for billions of spectators.

Will this unyielding youngling defy all odds and become a legendary Kloot Master?

Only you, young Kloot Master, can answer that.