Treasure hunt on the frozen rivers up north. Smash ice, crates and what not in search of gold. But beware of the lovesick polar bear!

Pukk is a runner with unique mechanics where the main goal is to collect gold. During the gameplay, you smash as many blocks as you can to get the gold inside and to level up. Higher level means new types of blocks to smash, power ups to pick up and more gold opportunities. But there are a lot of obstacles on the way and if you lose your speed the polar bear will catch up with you and it’s game over.

Pukk is free to download and free to play, with the options to activate ads or buy Premium Edition to maximise the experience.

Let’s play Pukk – The Cool Runner!


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Check out the lovely Christmas Update! The amazing winter land has got the Polar bear’s touch of the Christmas spirit with decorations and all.

Merry Christmas :)


The Trailer



Some more images

Pukk Lucia Crown
Premium Pukk Crown
Pukk Down Jacket Goose McPukk was both warm and dapper in his ruby red down jacket. At the same time he felt uncomfortable wearing his cousin. But then again, old Quacky had always been a real douche.
Pukk Welding Goggles
Pukk Freebie